SMS Marketing

Personalisation, scheduling, reports


You can use different personalisation variable, such as: name, gender, birthday and any others. These variables will be automatically replaced in the text of the message with the information inputed in the list of senders you upload.

Smart Scheduling

We provide advanced scheduling system which allows you to schedule regular and one-time campaigns. We also provide a unique feature for gradual traffic distributing of SMS campaign within the timeframe defined by you.

Detailed statistical reports

We provide complete detailed statistics about each message you send, allowing you to stay in control of your  SMS marketing campaign. Reports are generated in real time, providing complete transparency.

Two Way SMS

You can send an SMS campaign from a dedicated phone number or a short-code. It enables you to receive replies from your users via SMS, which will be displayed in the web-interface.


You can create and reuse templates for different SMS campaigns. If you send different SMS marketing campaigns or regular basis, this can be a very useful feature

Block lists

If you have a customer which would like to unsubscribe from your campaigns, you can easily add your subscriber to the block list, instead of clearing the phone database and upload it again.

Average open rate
Average delivery rate
Read within 3 minutes of receipt

SMS Marketing Platform
Use Cases


Retail shops can directly send SMS campaigns with promotional content to the list of their customers, thus directly increasing sales and revenue.


Marketing agencies can personalise, schedule send SMS campaigns for their clients and monitor live results via dashboard without a need for integration.


Restaurants can use our SMS Gateway to send Bulk SMS campaigns with promotional SMS content in order to retain more customers.


Education institution can use the platform to send important notifications to users, such as test results or changes in the time-table.


Travel agencies can send travel notifications, booking reminders as well as SMS marketing campaigns about discounts can be sent.


Hotels can inform their customers about promotional special offers, hotel amenities, booking and reservation confirmations.

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