SMS Marketing

Personalisation, scheduling, reports

What is SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing is a technique which allows you to send text messages to your client to achieve promotional goals. You can inform customers about new products and services, sales or discounts and send invitations, special offers and reminders.

Who can use our SMS Marketing Software?

Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies can personalise, schedule send SMS campaigns for their clients and monitor live results via dashboard without a need for integration.

In-house marketers

In-house marketers can integrate SMS marketing platform with CRM and be in touch with customers 24/7.

Business owners

Check results and track the main indexes of your business in short mobile text messages.

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SMS marketing solutions

Use solutions of text messaging service for business and track the results in a detailed analytics.

SMS Gateway for website

Prevent creation of fake accounts by implementing Two-Factor-Authentication on your website, app or social network.


Banks can use our SMS Gateway to send online banking transactional SMS codes. Users can also be notified or alerted via SMS upon payment transactions.


Airlines can integrate and automatically send customers SMS notifications regarding their flight such as departure times, gate changes and delays.

Post and Logistic Companies

Post and logistic companies can automatically notify clients about the status and location of their delivery.

Offline and Online shops

Inform your clients about special offers, sales, discounts and loyalty offers. Also you can send text messages with reminders about bonus amount and gift presents for the birthday.

Health and Beauty

Remind your customers about the end date of their subscription, appointment with a specialist or send SMS messages about new services and products.


Invite your guests on events and degustations, conferences and concerts, parties and special evenings by bulk message service.


Education institutions can use SMS services to provide updates on exam results or changes in student timetables.

Travel Agency

Travel agencies can send travel notifications, booking reminders and marketing campaigns highlighting discounts.

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You can use various personalisations such as names, gender and birthdays. These variables will automatically be replaced in the body of the text.  


We provide an advanced scheduling system which allows you to schedule regular and one-time campaigns. We also provide a unique feature for gradual traffic distributing of SMS campaigns within the timeframe defined by you.


We provide complete detailed statistics about each message you send, allowing you to stay in control of your SMS marketing campaign. Reports are generated in real time, providing complete transparency.


You can send an SMS campaign from a dedicated phone number or a short-code. It enables you to receive replies from your users via SMS, which will be displayed in the web-interface.


You can create and reuse templates for different SMS campaigns. If you send different SMS marketing campaigns or on a regular basis, this can be a very useful feature


If you have a customer which would like to unsubscribe from your campaigns, you can easily add your subscriber to the block list instead, of clearing the phone database and upload it again.

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