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Does the title of this post strike a nerve with you and make you want to give me a punch on our next MWC meeting? Great, that means this article is specifically dedicated to you! Today, I will give you a few reasons why Fake DLRs actually are a blessing.

When, why and how did Fake DLR plague begin?

If you are working in the SMS industry, you most likely know all about  fake DLRs. They started popping up not so long ago, but I am sure you have met them on more than one occasion. Perhaps the first time you ran across them was when your clients started to ask for unusually low target prices, claiming that they had 100% delivery rate via their new awesome supplier.

At this point, it was probably hard to believe and you decided to try them out yourself. After all, why not check out trendy Magic routes towards almost all of Western Europe at 0.009 EUR per SMS with 100% delivery? Dynamic sender ID? Supported! Local SMSC? Yes, dear, very-very cheap and very-very direct, even Airtel is buying from us! Instant delivery? Dear, I tell you, 2 seconds latency! And what happens next? Say “hi” to the Fake DLRs! And ever since then, you probably hate them more than anything else in the SMS world and I definitely wouldn’t blame you for it.

However, here are some reasons why fake DLRs (delivery receipts) certainly need a blessing.

  1. The first reason I’ll site is: we would not have started TelQ if there were no issue with fake DLRs and the absence of adequate solutions to counter them. TelQ was created with the aim to provide technology capable of coping with the advancing methods of our antagonists – fake delivery receipts providers. Analogically, antivirus companies depend on the existence of viruses in a similar way.
  2. Sophistication in fake DLRs technologies also helps companies, which truly care about the quality of their service, to stand out from their competition. Most SMS aggregators, which did not invest enough effort in building their HQ coverage, ended up losing significant amounts of revenue within the past few years, while the top SMS Gateway with extensive direct connections and coverage are doing better than ever. Although fake DLRs are not the only reason this happened, it has been one of the greatest catalysts. I am a strong believer in the HQ future of the SMS gateway business, and the sooner it happens the better it is overall for the industry.
  3. The third reason why Fake DLRs and especially their creators need a serious blessing, is because the future looks tough for them in 2017. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to come up with anything that could facilitate their survival. TelQ has been working hard to provide the most advanced SMS test number technology to efficiently detect, and almost certainly eliminate Fake DLRs from the routing coverage. We have already made a lot of progress in providing live SMS test numbers in more than 70 countries. However, this is just a beginning.

Solution to Fake DLR problems. Live SMS test numbers

Solution to Fake DLR problems. Live SMS test numbers

By the end of 2017, TelQ is expected to achieve over 400 networks in live SMS test number coverage. Normally we try to have several test numbers per network (up to 10 in some cases), which makes it hard to whitelist. Unlike other test number providers, we also change our SIM cards frequently to minimize potential whitelisting.

Moreover, by the end of the year TelQ will release a unique, brand new SMS testing technology which will provide truly global testing capabilities and make test number whitelisting totally impractical.

If you would like to support our struggle and efforts to overcome the fake DLR plague, please join us and set up your free TelQ SMS test number platform account today, and benefit from our special offers for early access.

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