Step 1: Log in into TelQTest online testing platform via the following link using your username and password:

Step 2: Select Country and Network you would like to test from the drop down menu and click Request to get phone numbers

Step 3:Copy the test sms phone number which is currently available for testing (marked in green) and copy your Test ID.

Step 4: Send an SMS on the copied available test sms number through your system. In the content of message please input your full test ID so that your test results can be properly retrieved.

Step 5: Now you can scroll down and wait for the received test sms results to appear automatically. Please note that at times there may be up to 2 minutes delay between the arrival of test SMS on a handset and its appearance in the test results section.


Yes, some of our numbers are ported. Currently we do not highlight them in the drop down menu and you will not be able to distinguish them, unless you make an HLR lookup. However, such numbers will be highlighted in the future platform updates.
Our system automatically checks the availability of all test numbers and in case there are internet connection problems or some other technical issues, the number will automatically turn red. This means that if you will send a test message on such a number, you will not be able to receive the results, unless it turns green again within the same day.
Timestamp indicates the time at which the message arrived on the phone and is converted according to the local timezone. Time received, on other hand, refers to the time our system received the test result in CET timezone.
You are most probably receiving a fake DLR from your supplier. However, if you tested many different suppliers and still do not get any results, please let us know and we will double check if everything is fine with our test number.
Usually it does not take longer than a minute. If you see that that your test SMS result does not appear within 2-3 minutes and the phone number is still available, most probably there is a delay on the side of your sms gateway provider or you received a fake delivery report.

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