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SMS Real Delivery Test

Test end-to-end delivery of your SMS on real non-roaming mobile test numbers in order to avoid fake DLR routes. TelQ provides SMS test number services via over 600 live phone test numbers all over the world.


Carry out sms tests online via our user-friendly web-interface, use our live monitoring tools to automatically retrieve results. No set-up or integration is needed, start using our quality assurance sms test number services today!

REST and SMPP API integration

Use our robust API which will enable you to automate sms testing process and integrate directly into our system. Adjust your automatic routing system based on the delivery on our phone test numbers.

Select what to test

Run automatic SMS verification

Sender ID Test

Verify the real sender ID of a delivered SMS test. Ensure delivery of your SMS tests from intended sender ID and avoid routes which modify it. Provide correct feature information to your clients.

Content Verification

Ensure the proper delivery of your SMS content and avoid content modification routes. We suggest to send SMS tests with special characters as well as different character sets, such as GSM 7 and Unicode.

SMSC Verification

Test SMSC of SMS gateway in order to get an indication of the route type. We suggest to opt for delivery over direct connections from local SMSC in contrast to international ss7 gray routes.

Get live test SMS results

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Test Numbers

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SMS Test Number Prices

No commitment

You can start using our international sms test number services for free and with no commitment. You can start with the basic plan and top up any amount would you like. We are also not asking to commit for sending any amount of messages in our prepaid plans

Money back guarantee

If you top up your account and for some reason would not like to use our mobile test number services anymore, you can make a request to withdraw your remaining balance and we will transfer it back to you. This applies for all of our prepaid accounts.

Flexible prices

We offer flexible price plans which perfectly suit the needs of all of our clients. You can start with a basic plan if you are on low budget and do not plan to send a lot of tests as well as discuss a special price for you if you are planning to send high volumes of messages on our test numbers.


  • Prepaid
  • No commitment
  • No minimum payments

Advanced (1000 Tests)

  • Prepaid
  • No commitment
  • 400 EUR minimum top-up

Professional (3000 Tests)

  • Prepaid
  • No commitment
  • 900 EUR minimum top up

Premium Subscription

  • Postpaid
  • 1000 tests included
  • €250/month

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