SMS testing tool

SMS testing tool with real handsets. Detect fake delivery reports, check delivered sender ID, content, latency, SMSC, PDU, UDH and more

SMS testing tool
SMS testing tool

Main features overview

SMS testing

Test real SMS delivery

Send messages to our local mobile handset test numbers and check if they are being delivered as expected. Compare the real receipt status from our handset with the delivery report of your supplier to identify fake DLRs and ensure optimal routing of your SMS traffic.

Fake delivery detection - Identify fake delivery reports by comparing your supplier's delivery status with the status from our testing device.

MNP support - Send tests to ported numbers to see if your supplier correctly supports Mobile Number Portability.

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SMS Testing Number Coverage​

150 +
1000 +
10000 +
test numbers

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SMS testing tool prices

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You have an option to select prepaid or postpaid payment terms, depending on your needs.



  • No commitment & no expiration
  • Pay as you go
  • Price based on top-up amount
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  • €250 monthly commitment
  • Monthly invoices
  • Price based on the number of tests
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