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TelQ Telecom is a globally recognized provider of SMS quality assurance services, established in 2016.

As a cloud-based SaaS telecom platform, we empower customers worldwide to assess and elevate the quality of their telecom communication channels.

Our commitment to excellence is evident: Our SMS testing platform recently clinched the first prize at The Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards in the category of ‘Best SMS Testing Tool‘.

Backed by an extensive network of over 12,000 testing devices — one of the largest in the industry — we’ve successfully processed more than fifty million test results, continuously driving forward in our quest for unmatched service quality.

Our team consists of 15+ employees from 10+ countries 
who work either from one of our offices in Hamburg and Belgrade or remotely.

Our Values Stand Behind Our Culture and Our Product

Product: Quality is an integral part of TelQ, so much so it’s a part of our name! We hold our product and service to the highest standard. 

Culture: We strive to achieve the best results in everything we do. To us, quality means innovation, reliability and value.

Product: To us, ownership means the drive and ability to create freely, follow through and leave our mark with what we do.

Culture: Every TelQer owns a part of their own process, and takes the best care of it. As a company, we always ask: “How can I help solve this problem?” and never: “Whose job is it to solve this problem?“.

Product: TelQ highly values upholding your own principles and applying them to everything you do. It ties all our values together.

Culture: To us, integrity means having a strong moral compass and professional etiquette, and not straying from them when making hard decisions.

Product: As a quality assurance solution, it is our purpose to bring transparency to our industry.

Culture: We formed a culture of transparency and open communication within the company, and this translates to the interactions we have with our customers as well.

Product: Simplicity is our mission. We don’t like noisy interfaces and information overload, so our objective is to create products that are easy to understand and use.

Culture: In TelQ, you will find no unnecessary bureaucracy, meetings or waste of time. To us, less is more.

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Meet Our Team ✨

Our working environment is very agile, low in bureaucracy, and high in ownership and the impact you can make.

We place a high emphasis on quality, both of our products and our employees. It means we have significant investments in employee training, personal development, new technologies, and constant improvement of our products’ functionalities. 

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Oleg Makarov profile picture

Oleg Makarov

Founder & CEO

Oana Dukanac profile image

Oana Dukanac

Chief Commercial Officer

Alexander Mann

Principal Software Engineer

Timur Burganov

Software Engineer

Victor Toral profile image

Victor Toral

Principal Software Engineer

Vadim Kuzhel, software developer, profile picture

Vadim Kuzhel

Software Engineer

Anatoliy Tretyakov profile picture

Anatoliy Tretyakov

Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

Tuvshinbayar Davaa profile picture

Tuvshinbayar Davaa

Senior Devops Engineer

Pramesh Bajracharya

Software Engineer

Oana Dukanac profile image

Oana Dukanac

Chief Commercial Officer

Yongmei Wu

Sales Representative

Alexandra Cvetkovic profile picture

Aleksandra Cvetkovic

Sales & Business Development Manager

Marina Pilipenko profile picture

Marina is also an author in TelQ blog. Read her articles here.

Marina Pilipenko

SEO and Ads specialist

Marina is also an author in TelQ blog. Read her articles here.

Jelena is also an author in TelQ blog. Read her articles here.

Jelena Atanackovic

Senior Key Account Manager

Jelena is also an author in TelQ blog. Read her articles here.

Jovana Vasiljevic profile picture

Jovana Vasiljevic

Account Manager

Andrej Sousek

Quality Assurance Representative

Natasa Vasilijevic profile image

Natasa Vasilijevic

Customer Support Representative

Nikola Mitrovic

Customer Support Specialist

Karuna Paudel

Customer Support Operations Analyst

Ognjen Kragulj profile image

Ognjen Kragulj

Customer Support Representative

Velinka Petrovic profile picture

Velinka Petrovic

HR Manager

Jelena Ivanovic

Billing and Administrative Specialist