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SMS Testing In Three Steps

1. Choose a route to test and create a test message matching your usual content.

2. Receive detailed data on delivery status, content & Sender ID reception, and more.

3. Use this data to choose the best routes, save valuable resources and improve your conversion rates.

TelQ Platform's Main Features

SMS testing

Test real SMS delivery

Send a test message to our local test numbers and check if it is delivered as expected. Compare the real receipt status from our handset with the delivery report of your SMS gateway supplier to identify fake delivery reports and ensure optimal SMS traffic routing.

Fake delivery detection - Identify fake delivery reports by comparing your supplier's DLRs with the real delivery status from our local test numbers.

MNP support - Send tests to ported numbers to see if your bulk SMS supplier correctly supports Mobile Number Portability.

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How TelQ testing tool works

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Extensive Test Number Coverage​

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					use TelQ\Sdk\Models\Destination;
use TelQ\Sdk\Models\Tests;

// new Destination('mcc', 'mnc', 'ported from mnc')
$sendTests = Tests::fromArray([
    'destinationNetworks' => [
        new Destination('222', '36', '10'),
        new Destination('505', '01')
    'resultsCallbackUrl' => '',
    'maxCallbackRetries' => 3,
    'testIdTextType' => 'ALPHA',
    'testIdTextCase' => 'MIXED',
    'testIdTextLength' => 6,
    'testTimeToLiveInSeconds' => 3600
$tests = $api->sendTests($sendTests);
foreach ($tests as $test) {
    echo 'Id: ', $test->getId(), PHP_EOL;
    echo 'PhoneNumber: ', $test->getPhoneNumber(), PHP_EOL;
    echo 'TestIdText: ', $test->getTestIdText(), PHP_EOL;
    echo 'Error message: ', $test->getErrorMessage() ?: 'empty', PHP_EOL;
    echo 'Destination:', PHP_EOL;
    echo '    Mcc: ', $test->getDestinationNetwork()->getMcc(), PHP_EOL;
    echo '    Mnc: ', $test->getDestinationNetwork()->getMnc(), PHP_EOL;
    echo '    Ported from mnc: ', $test->getDestinationNetwork()->getPortedFromMnc() ?: 'empty', PHP_EOL;
    echo PHP_EOL;
					curl -X POST "" -H "accept: */*"
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ \"destinationNetworks\": [ { \"mcc\": \"208\",
      \"mnc\": \"10\", \"portedFromMnc\": \"20\" } ] }"

# Example of body with all available parameters
  "destinationNetworks": [
      "mcc": "206",
      "mnc": "10",
      "portedFromMnc": "20"
      "mcc": "716",
      "mnc": "06",
  "resultsCallbackUrl": "",
  "testIdTextType": "ALPHA_NUMERIC",
  "testIdTextCase": "MIXED",
  "testIdTextLength": "6",
  "maxCallbackRetries": 1,
  "testTimeToLiveInSeconds": 200
					destinationNetworks = [
        "mcc": "206",
        "mnc": "10",
        "portedFromMnc": "20"
        "mcc": "716",
        "mnc": "06"

requested_tests = test_client.initiate_new_tests(
requested_tests = test_client.initiate_new_tests(destinationNetworks=destinationNetworks)
					List<Network> networks = new ArrayList<>();

  Network network_1 = Network.builder()

  Network network_2 = Network.builder()


  int maxCallBackRetries = 1;
  String resultsCallbackUrl = "";
  int testTimeToLive = 200;
  String callBackToken = "peHWFdAXikjzmMgqPTwhpeHWFdAXikjzmMgqPTwhpeHWFdAXikjzmMgqPTwh";

  TestIdTextOptions testIdTextOptions = TestIdTextOptions.builder()

  TestRequest testRequest = TestRequest.builder()

  List<Test> requestedTests = testClient.initiateNewTests(testRequest);

REST & SMPP API integration

REST API provides you with full flexibility to integrate SMS quality testing into your system. 

We also provide integration through SMPP and direct integration with the Alaris and Horisen SMS platforms.