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Test Numbers

Test real delivery, verify sender ID, check SMSC

Bulk SMS Gateway

Integrate and send Bulk SMS and A2P messages via our SMS Gateway worldwide. TelQ Telecom provides you with superior quality SMS delivery at a reasonable price.

SMS Marketing Platform

We provide you with an advanced SMS marketing platform. It allows you to schedule SMS campaigns personalize SMS and has many other useful features.

SMS Test Numbers

We developed our own global SMS quality test number platform. It allows us to monitor real delivery and features of our routes automatically 24/7 via our SMS test numbers.

SMS Test Numbers

SMS Delivery Tests

Check real delivery of SMS messages as well as SMSC by sending SMS tests on our test numbers. This service helps to identify SMS routes which give fake delivery receipts (fake DLRs)

SMS Feature Tests

Check the features of SMS routes, such as Sender ID and content, by sending tests on SMS test numbers. This service enables you to identify providers which replace sender IDs.

Quality Monitoring Automation

Automate quality control process by integrating with our SMS test number platform via REST API. It also enables you to check the test results directly in your platform.

Test Number Coverage

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SMS Gateway

SMPP API Integration

Integrate and send Bulk SMS and A2P messages via our SMS Gateway worldwide. We support SMPP integration which enables us to handle extremely high volumes of SMS traffic

Superior delivery quality

We put SMS delivery quality above all of our priorities. Out aim is provide the best quality service to all of our users across the globe. We do not use any cheap low-quality suppliers in our routing.

REST HTTP API Integration

We also support REST HTTP API SMS Gateway integration. It is extremely easy to implement and very useful for users which do not send large volumes of SMS traffic. And would like to integrate quickly.

Countries covered

Networks covered

Worldwide coverage
Average delivery rate

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SMS Marketing


You can use different personalization variables, such as name, gender, birthday and any others. These variables will be automatically replaced with the text of message with the information inputted in the list of senders.

Smart Scheduling

We provide advanced scheduling system which allows you to schedule regular and one-time campaigns. We also provide a unique feature for gradual traffic distributing of SMS campaigns within the timeframe defined by you.

Detailed statistic reports

We provide complete detailed statistics about each message you send, allowing you to stay in control of your SMS marketing. Reports are generated in real time, providing complete transparency.

Average open rate
Average delivery rate
Read within 3 minutes of receipt

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