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TelQ SMS testing tool features allows you to verify, monitor and improve the quality of delivery of your supplier's SMS routes.

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TelQ Testing Tool features

Core SMS Testing Functionality

Real SMS delivery status

Interface of TelQ platfrom with all completed SMS tests

Send test SMS to our local mobile test numbers and check if they are being delivered.

We provide real-time feedback on the delivery status directly from our handsets. This method allows you to compare the actual receipt status with the delivery reports provided by your supplier.

Why it matters:

  • It’s an effective way to uncover discrepancies and prevent reliance on inaccurate or fake DLRs.
  • By detecting any inconsistencies in the delivery reports, you can make informed decisions to improve message routing, ensuring efficiency and reliability in your messaging campaigns.
Example of fake DLR detection with TelQ tool

Our tool compares the delivery report with the actual receipt status received from our testing nodes. This comparison is crucial for identifying discrepancies that might indicate fake DLRs. Whenever a fake DLR is identified, you’ll receive an alert. 

This feature brings a new level of transparency and trust to your SMS delivery processes.

Why it matters:

  • This information about fake DLRs allows you to take prompt corrective actions, ensuring the integrity of your SMS communication channel.
  • With accurate data on message delivery, you can make informed decisions to optimize your SMS routes and strategies.
TelQ report on the latency of sent test SMS

TelQ tool measures the latency between the moment an SMS is sent and when it is actually delivered to our testing device.

You can compare this measured latency against the DLR delay reported by your supplier. 

Why it matters:

  • This comparison offers a valuable benchmark to verify the accuracy of supplier claims and to ensure your expectations align with actual service performance.
SMSC testing in TelQ

Once your test message reaches our testing node, we retrieve detailed SMSC information.

We provide the specific SMSC number your SMS messages are sent from. Our service includes an SMSC lookup feature that identifies the owner of the SMSC used in your message routing.

Why it matters:

  • This information is essential for understanding who is handling your SMS traffic, which can be critical for managing routing quality and cost-efficiency.

Sender ID verification

TelQ report about Sender ID modification in a test message

Verify the authenticity of the Sender IDs of your SMS messages.

Our tool allows you to test and confirm what Sender IDs are actually being used when delivering messages to our test numbers. Stay informed with immediate notifications if any modification occurs to your Sender ID.

Why it matters:

  • In a landscape where Sender ID is critical for both branding and compliance, these alerts enable you to maintain control over how your messages are perceived.
TelQ report about SMS content modification in a test message

Our tool offers a comparison between the text that you send and the text that is actually delivered. Receive immediate notifications if any changes are detected in the content of your delivered messages. 

Why it matters:

  • By providing detailed insights into content accuracy, this feature aids you in selecting the most reliable SMS routes.
  • Ensuring content accuracy is essential for effective communication and maintaining the quality of your messaging campaigns.

Craft test messages that mirror your live traffic seamlessly by adjusting the ‘Test ID Text‘ value. 

  • Customize this value with various formats (alpha, alphanumeric, numeric, or WhatsApp code), case (upper, lower, or mixed) and a length (4 to 20 characters).
  • With our intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can position the ID icon anywhere in your message content . 

Why it matters:

  • The ability to modify the Test ID to closely resemble your actual message content ensures more accurate and realistic testing. 

Data Coding

Empower your SMS testing with the ability to manually specify the data coding scheme. This control is crucial for tailoring your message encoding to meet specific requirements or to test various encoding formats.

Why it matters:

  • By manually selecting different data codings, you can effectively test the compatibility of your messages across various devices and networks.
Example of concatenation testing with TelQ tool

Utilize our tool to verify if your supplier correctly supports SMS concatenation. This feature is vital for ensuring that longer messages, which are segmented into multiple parts for transmission, are properly reassembled upon receipt.

Why it matters:

  • Accurate concatenation is key to a positive customer experience, particularly when conveying complex or lengthy information via SMS. 

Upon the delivery of the test SMS to our test numbers, our tool provides you with the raw PDU data of the received message.

The PDU data reveals the complete technical details of the delivered message. It includes aspects such as the UDH settings, message encoding, and other vital parameters that determine how your message is processed and displayed on the recipient’s device.

Why it matters:

  • This feature is particularly useful for developers and engineers looking to optimize message delivery, troubleshoot issues, or gain a better understanding of how different networks handle SMS.
UDH settings in TelQ tool

Our Custom UDH feature allows you to rigorously test the advanced functionalities of your supplier’s SMSC. 

Send test SMS with tailored UDH settings to assess how your network handles a variety of specialized messaging types.

Why it matters:

  • This feature allows you to experiment with various advanced messaging formats and protocols that might be crucial for specific business or technical requirements.

For those who require more sophisticated control over their SMS delivery, our TON/NPI  feature offers the flexibility you need. You can select custom TON/NPI settings, along with the Protocol ID and Data Coding options, when sending messages via the SMPP protocol.

Why it matters:

  • By customizing TON/NPI settings, you can fine-tune how your SMS messages are processed and routed within various networks. This level of control is essential for businesses that require precision in their messaging strategies, particularly when operating across diverse telecommunications environments.


Use our service to verify if your providers are effectively supporting mobile network portability.

We offer access to a range of ported numbers, which are essential for testing how well your SMS services handle number portability.

Why it matters:

  • This feature allows you to simulate real-world scenarios where customers have switched networks but kept their phone numbers, ensuring your messages reach them regardless of network changes.
TLV settings for test messages in TelQ platform

Leverage custom TLV parameters to direct your SMS traffic precisely and efficiently. This feature enables you to specify custom criteria for routing, ensuring that your messages are consistently sent through the most appropriate and effective channels.

Why it matters:

  • This enhanced control helps in fine-tuning the delivery paths, leading to improved performance, reliability, and cost efficiency in your SMS operations.
Service type settings in TelQ tool

The ‘Service Type‘ feature provides an optional but powerful parameter used for fine-tuning SMS routing. This feature allows you to enter a unique value for the Service Type that corresponds with the specific service type you’ve established on your own server for a particular supplier.

Why it matters:

  • With the Service Type, you can more effectively manage how your messages are routed to and from suppliers, leading to improved efficiency and reliability in your SMS communications.

Tests Scheduler

Interface of test scheduling feature in TelQ

Our Tests Scheduler enables you to program SMS tests to be dispatched at regular intervals. This automation is essential for continuous quality monitoring of your most critical routes, ensuring they consistently meet your performance standards.

Set up custom alerts to be notified when certain delivery criteria are met or if any deviations occur. 

Why it matters:

  • By scheduling regular tests, you can proactively manage the quality of your SMS routes. 

TelQ API allows for direct and straightforward integration with your existing SMPP server. This connectivity enables you to send and schedule test messages directly from our user interface, streamlining your SMS testing process.

For those already using an SMPP server, integrating with our API is swift and hassle-free, providing a rapid solution to enhance your SMS testing capabilities.

With our API you can:

  • Assign unique service types for each of your suppliers.
  • Implement unique TLV parameters for adaptable internal routing on your server.
  • Establish multiple SMPP binds to your server, each with a unique username and password.

>> Learn more about API

More Advanced Features

MO Testing

Engage in real-time testing of MO messages, gaining immediate insights into their delivery status, content integrity, and overall performance. This immediate feedback is invaluable for dynamically adjusting your strategies to maximize engagement and effectiveness.

By leveraging MO Testing, you can fine-tune how your systems handle and respond to user-initiated messages. This optimization ensures a seamless and efficient user experience, essential for maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and engagement in your SMS services.

MO Testing is now exclusively available to our postpaid customers.


Interface of performed tests analytics in TelQ tool

TelQ Analytics allow you to generate detailed reports for any group of SMS tests. By aggregating and analyzing test results, you gain valuable insights into the performance and reliability of different SMS routes.

Leverage the power of data to make well-informed decisions about your SMS routing strategies. You can identify trends, pinpoint inefficiencies, and recognize opportunities for optimization in your SMS delivery processes.

Our Clients' Favorite Features

If you regularly conduct tests with specific Sender IDs or content, our Content Templates allow you to streamline this process. Save your frequently used configurations as templates, making future test setups quick and efficient.

Choose from a range of options to suit your needs: create and save your own custom templates for both sender IDs and content, or select from our library of pre-designed standard templates.


Interface with test templates for messages in TelQ

Our Test Case Templates combine Content templates with specific Destinations and Suppliers, allowing for a cohesive and efficient setup.

With this, your test entries will automatically be populated with the selected content, destinations, and suppliers from the template, provided they are available at the time of testing.

Interface with the deputy accounts in TelQ

This feature enables you to distribute account responsibilities, including managing tests, viewing invoices, and handling payments, among your colleagues. It’s a seamless way to delegate tasks and enhance teamwork within your organization.

With deputy accounts, gain higher visibility of all activities across your team’s accounts. This includes monitoring all tests, templates, and other actions performed within sub-accounts.

Time to Live‘ (TTL) is a customizable setting on our platform that lets you specify the duration you’re willing to wait for the final results of your SMS tests. Adjusting the TTL is particularly useful for quickly addressing and resolving client escalations.

The default TTL is set at 60 minutes, but you can customize this timeframe to suit your requirements, with options ranging from as short as 5 minutes to as long as 12 hours. This range ensures that you can balance the need for timely results with the realities of different testing scenarios or client demands.

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