SMS Test Numbers & Coverage

TelQ provides the widest SMS testing coverage in the world with 12000+ constantly available real test numbers, which cover 1200+ Mobile Network Operators worldwide.

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Facts about our SMS test numbers and coverage

Based on our algorithms, our database has one of the most frequently changed test numbers on the market, minimizing the possibility of whitelisting. 12000+ real handsets from our global community are at your disposal with our SMS quality assurance tool.

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The widest coverage

TelQ provides the widest SMS testing coverage around the globe, including almost all countries in the world.

Whitelisting prevention

To avoid whitelisting, we try to have as many fresh test numbers as possible.

Ported numbers

In addition to our standard test numbers we also provide a large pool of ported test numbers.

Local SIM cards

All of our test numbers are locally based and not roaming, which is crucial for proper delivery testing.

Real mobile devices

We use real Android-based mobile phones as hosting devices. We do not use virtual numbers or SIM farms.

High uptime and reliability

We continuously check to see if test numbers are working properly and prioritise highly reliable ones.

SMS Test Number Coverage



Test numbers

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