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MWC Barcelona 2020: Top 5 Things to Do

For Americans it’s the Super Bowl, for Germans it’s Oktoberfest – but for mobile industry professionals the most important and anticipated event this year is definitely the MWC Barcelona 2020. From February 24 to 27, Barcelona will open its heart and doors to around 100,000 mobile technology aficionados, coming from more than 2,200 companies world-wide, curious about the latest developments and trends in this exciting sector.

However, with global giants showing off their latest tech on every corner, as well as panels everywhere discussing the present and future of innovation, the MWC could be an overwhelming experience. With this in mind, TelQ is dedicated to help you prepare and not miss a thing at this year’s conference. 

We bring you the Top 5 things to do to make the most of the MWC Barcelona 2020.

Choose the Right Sessions and Events

Just like most conferences, at the Mobile World Congress there will be an abundance of sessions and events. Realistically, there will be a lot more than you’ll be able to attend. So, carefully pick those that make the most sense for you.

Influencers from around the world will share their experiences and visions for the future of innovation and some of the topics they will cover include:

  • AI

  • The 5G Era

  • Customer Engagement

  • Industry X

  • Entertainment

There will also be a plethora of awesome events – such as the 4YFN, xside, YoMo, as well as the GLOMO Awards. Take our advice and decide ahead on which sessions and events seem most useful.

Create a Social Media Strategy for MWC Barcelona 2020

Keep in mind that whatever events you decide to attend in Barcelona this year, they should play into your social media strategy. Come on, it’s not rocket science. Make a plan to:

  • Connect on LinkedIn with the people you meet,
  • Tweet about some useful info you hear during a panel, and,
  • Post some great pics on Instagram and Facebook.

Social media has changed the nature of events. Engagement, communication and interaction with your followers during conferences have become priorities.

Therefore, strategically build momentum and release information through your chosen social media platforms. And, don’t forget to use #MWC2020.

Network, Network, Network!

Some would argue that the whole point of going to conferences is to meet with colleagues, speakers or presenters. So, connect personally with the people you follow and that influence you. The MWC social events are a great opportunity to do this in a more relaxed setting.

Usually, these social events are even more important than the sessions. And, if there is someone you already know you want to meet, take the time visit their blog, website and social media.

Considering that approximately 59% of the attendees will be seniors, c-level and upper management, the MWC Barcelona 2020 is the networking event of the year. At this conference you will be able to build a global network of professionals from every sector of the mobile industry.

Make a Follow-Up Plan

Since you will be collecting business cards, making new Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections in Barcelona, don’t forget about them when you come home. After the MWC, you should do something with them.

Our advice is that, within a week of your return, you send a personal follow-up to everyone you met so you can let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them. Maybe you can set up a meeting with someone with whom you specifically want to do business or build a relationship.

Go Sightseeing in Barcelona

The MWC 2020 is a hugely important event, true. But, Barcelona is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Don’t miss the chance to see some of its amazing tourist attractions.

Check out some of Barcelona’s Modernist buildings, Gothic alleyways and Mediterranean beaches. Get on the hop-on-hop-off tour, see the Sagrada Familia, stroll down La Rambla and peek inside the Picasso Museum.

If you plan your time carefully, you should be able to hit some of its numerous historical and cultural locations.

Bonus Pro Tip: Cheesecake at La Terraza Miro

Yes, you will hear all about the trends and future of the mobile industry and you will meet leading professionals from many sectors at the MWC Barcelona 2020. However, if you play your cards just right, you will also have a chance to try, hands down, the best cheesecake on the planet – and possibly beyond.

Go to La Terraza Miro, Carrer de Tarragona, 129, and ask for their Cheesecake No Muy Tradicional. You’ll thanks us. Seriously, you will call us and you will thank us.

The Takeaway

The Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile event in the world. It brings together the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology, as well as some of today’s most influential visionaries. It is a great chance to enrich your industry knowledge and make relevant connections that can help you further your company’s business plans.

Drop us a line and let us know if you found our advice helpful.

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