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TelQ's Processors and Sub-Processors

This page provides detailed information on our trusted sub-processors and processors who handle data on our behalf, ensuring transparency and trust in our operations.

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Welcome to our data management page! Here, we detail the trusted partners who play significant roles in the operation of our product and website. Below, you’ll find two key lists: our processors and our sub-processors.


Processors are third parties that we engage to assist in processing personal data, but they do not directly interact with the main service we provide to you. They include services such as analytics, email marketing, and customer support tools that help enhance our product capabilities and operational efficiency.


Our sub-processors are partners who manage the core data processing tasks essential to the delivery of our services. They are directly involved in managing the infrastructure and services that host and run our product. This includes cloud service providers that host our application and database servers where customer data is actively processed and stored.

Our commitment to data protection is uncompromising. Both our processors and sub-processors are carefully vetted to ensure they meet high standards of data security and privacy compliance, ensuring your information is handled responsibly and transparently.

The content of this page is updated regularly to include the most up-to-date lists of processors and sub-processors.

For any queries or additional information, please feel free to reach out to our team.



1PasswordPassword ManagerCanada
Amazon Web ServicesCloud Service ProviderGermany
AtlassianProject ManagementAustralia
CloudflareSecurity ServicesUSA
DatadogTest Automation and monitoringUSA
ElasticsearchAnalytics ServicesNorway
MailgunEmailing ServicesUSA
SentryMonitoring and alertingUSA
TableauData AnalyticsGermany
TelQ Telecom DOODevelopment ServicesSerbia


ActiveCampaignEmailing ServicesUSA
Amazon Web ServicesCloud Service ProviderGermany
AtlassianProject ManagementAustralia
CalendlyScheduling ServicesUSA
DingCommunication ServicesSingapore
DocuSignDocument Signing ServicesUSA
FreshworksCustomer Relationship ManagementUSA
GoDaddyDomain, Hosting ServicesUK
GoogleReporting ServicesIreland
KoetheAccounting ServicesGermany
Microsoft TeamsCommunication Services
SkypeCommunication ServicesIreland
SlackCommunication ServicesIreland
StatusPageCommunication ServicesUSA
ViberCommunication ServicesCyprus
WhatsAppCommunication ServicesUK
ZapierAutomation ToolUSA
ZohoAccounting ServicesGermany
ZoomCommunication ServicesUSA