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TelQ is the quality SMS gateway provider.

Set up effective communication with our SMS gateway service. Send text messages worldwide and be in touch with your users. Use global sms gateway which can deliver text in every corner in the world.

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SMPP API Integration

Integrate and send Bulk SMS and A2P messages via our SMS Gateway worldwide. We support easy SMPP integration which enables us to handle extremely high volumes of SMS traffic


We put SMS delivery quality above all of our priorities. Our aim is provide the best quality service to all of our users across the globe. We do not use any cheap low-quality suppliers in our routing.


We also support REST API and HTTP sms gateway integration, including sms gateway integration in android. It is extremely easy to implement and very useful for users which do not send large volumes of SMS traffic and would like to integrate quickly.

Fast delivery

Our system and infrastructure is capable of handling large volumes of SMS traffic which results in low latency. We also use only reliable suppliers

Unlimited sms gateway

Send endless amount of SMS and be sure that each of them will be delivered.

Quick support

We monitor our quality 24/7 and quickly fix detected issues. We put quality as our first priority and we ensure quick responses to support tickets

Low cost sms gateway

You get high quality delivery for reasonable price. Our special offers allow to save money and send SMS cheaper.

Free international sms gateway

Set up is completely free, we do not have any hidden costs or monthly subscription or commitment. We believe in pay as you go approach. free international sms gateway

SMS gateway solutions

Use solutions of best bulk sms provider and track the results in a detailed analytics.

There are the ways how you can use SMS gateway for business:

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TelQ is international sms gateway

We delivery texts in each part of the world!