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TelQ Telecom Hits Major Milestone: 50 Million SMS Tests and Counting!

Amid several projects in TelQ and our busy day-to-day, we noticed our test counter slowly approaching 50 million tests. This was a moment for us to stop and reflect on what it would mean for us to hit this incredible milestone. 50 million of anything is such a large number, but to think about how many SMS business worldwide choose to maintain the quality of their SMS services, and continuously choose to do so with TelQ, makes us immensely proud of the entire SMS industry.

So what does hitting this 50 million mark mean to us?   

Firstly, it makes us reflect on the most incredible support and trust we receive from our partners, who are one of the two most important parts of what made this milestone possible. Reaching 50 million tests successfully carried out in our SMS testing platform is a testament to its quality, stability and the value it brings to the SMS industry. 

Secondly, needless to say, to have this would not be possible without our team who have worked incredibly hard and pushed themselves to innovate and keep a high quality of our product, bring value to our users and cater to their every need. And they are only getting started! This is not a moment for us to slow down, but an incentive for us to push even harder for another 50 million tests. 

To mark this occasion, we decided to let the numbers speak for themselves. Having all this aggregated data and keeping it to ourselves goes against our core values of being transparent and open about the service we provide.  

We want to share with you not just our triumphs, but also the story of our growth as an SMS quality assurance tool. From the infographic, you will be able to see the progression of test volumes over the years, as well as some of the trends we’ve observed, such as the most sought-after destinations to test, and more. 

You’ll also see statistics about our platform’s uptime, because we understand that in our line of work, every second counts. 

We’ve come a long way and we want to show you exactly how far that is. By taking you behind the scenes, we want to stress our dedication to innovating and improving. You are a part of this journey, so we invite you to take note of the significant impact you’ve had on us, as we have undoubtedly had on your business (otherwise you would not be using us). 

Now, enjoy this infographic we prepared and let us know if there is any data that would be interesting for you to see from your own tests: [email protected] 

Here’s to you, and to reaching another 50 million tests! 

Infographics about 50 million SMS tests performed on TelQ SMS testing platform

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