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Are you getting only positive results from your SMS tests? This may not be such a good thing

If you are in bulk SMS (or in SMS) business, you agree that there is nothing better than seeing your routes properly deliver your messages to the end users.

To make this happen, many companies in the SMS industry, and even beyond, place their trust in their SMS testing tools and the results they get from them.

You would say that always seeing the receipt status and the DLR of your SMS test both positive is the best scenario.

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But why is this potentially not such a good thing?

Although getting positive DLR and receipt status all the time may sound great in theory, in reality, this could mean that testing numbers are whitelisted and that testing results are not accurate.

Whitelisting or VIP routing can happen when the supplier that you test notices your quality checks and routes all your messages to particular numbers via their best route.When this happens, based on the results received, you believe those routes have high delivery and that all the SMS messages in production are reaching the end user, but the reality might be completely different. 


“How can I as a testing platform user, avoid this?” you may ask

Well, unfortunately, there is not one solution which could guarantee a 100% reduced risk of whitelisting, but there are things that can be done. 

In our SMS testing tool, we are doing two things:

  1. We introduced the unique Dynamic test ID text feature, which is the first modifiable testing tool code that seamlessly blends in your SMS test messages with your regular SMS traffic, making them undetectable.
  2. We constantly add new testing numbers to our platform while removing the old ones, so you will always have fresh numbers to choose from.

So far, the feedback we received showed that these two methods implemented in our SMS testing tool reduce the risk of whitelisting to a minimum.

If you are worried that whitelisting will make your investment in testing tools bad and are wondering if your test results are correct or not, the answer is simple – join our platform!

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