SMS Testing Platform with 12000+ real test numbers

Full end-to-end SMS delivery testing service allows you to identify
Fake DLRs, Sender ID, Content, SMSC, PDU, UDH, latency, delivery to ported numbers and more by sending tests to real test numbers.

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Testing platform main features

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Fake DLR detection

Send messages to our test numbers and check whether they actually deliver.

Sender ID

Check which sender ID your messages are being delivered from.


Verify the content of delivered SMS messages.


Check which SMSC your SMS is being delivered from.


Check if your providers support mobile network portability.

Data coding

Specify the data coding manually and check whether they are being delivered correctly.

Test scheduling

Schedule your tests and automate the quality-monitoring process.


Send messages with custom UDH and check whether they are being delivered correctly.

API integration

Use SMPP or REST API to integrate directly with your system.

Test real SMS delivery

Send messages to our local mobile handset test numbers and check if they are being delivered. Compare the real receipt status from our handset with the delivery report of your supplier to identify fake DLRs and ensure optimal routing of your SMS traffic.

Fake DLR detection

Identify fake DLRs by comparing SMPP status with the status from our testing device.

MNP support test

Send tests to ported numbers to see if your supplier correctly supports MNP.

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Sender ID and Content test

Check the real features of your routes and what is actually being delivered on our mobile test number when you send your messages.

Sender ID

Check which Sender ID your SMS are being delivered from.


Check if your supplier properly supports different encoding.

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SMSC verification

We can retrieve SMSC information once your test message reaches our testing device. This information can help you to determine the route type and, potentially, the original provider of the route.

SMSC number

We provide the exact SMSC number from which the SMS was sent.

SMSC owner

We make an SMSC lookup and try to determine the owner of the SMSC.

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What else can you test with the TelQ SMS Testing Platform?

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