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Using SMS Testing Tools to Verify Bulk SMS Delivery and Avoid Fake DLRs

If you decided to use bulk SMS to enhance your business, ensuring the successful delivery of your messages is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

Are you considering peeking behind the curtains and seeing how and if your users are receiving your messages?

The aim of every SMS Testing Tool is early detection of SMS delivery issues. By testing your messages before launching a full-scale campaign, you can identify and address any delivery problems, which will optimise your campaign for success.

SMS testing will provide you with real-time feedback and valuable insights into the performance of your SMS routes, delivery rates, latency and reliability of your SMS route providers. Keeping a close eye on your delivery reports, you will be able to look for anomalies or inconsistencies in the data. If you notice any discrepancies, investigate further to determine if fake DLRs are the cause. But how do you make sure you chose the right SMS Testing Tool provider?

This article will provide insight into various factors to consider when choosing the best provider for your business needs:

1. Your SMS Testing Tool should help you identify Fake Delivery Receipts. Fake DLRs are a common issue in the SMS industry, and they occur when your SMS vendor informs you that a message was delivered successfully, while in fact it was not. Aside from message delivery information, a Testing Tool should be able to provide comprehensive reports about latency, content modifications and network performance.

2. To help you detect Fake DLRs, a testing platform needs to have extensive coverage and to change its testing numbers frequently to avoid whitelisting. Some SMS vendors put testing numbers on a route that always delivers, so your testing tool needs to pay close attention to keeping their numbers fresh and their results reliable. A wide coverage will also enable you to test your SMS globally.

3. A testing platform should have an easy-to-use interface and make test creation as well as result analysis simple for your testing team.

4. An SMS testing tool that offers various integration and test automation methods can help you save your time when checking the quality of your routes. The platform should support the message formats you plan to use in your campaigns, such as plain text, Unicode, and concatenated messages.

5. Most importantly – your SMS testing platform should be reliable. Reputable testing platforms will provide you with accurate delivery reports and help you detect fake DLRs.


SMS testing tools play a crucial role in ensuring the successful delivery of your bulk SMS messages. Choosing the right testing platform and following best practices for message delivery will significantly impact the overall effectiveness of your bulk SMS services.

Choose wisely and happy testing!


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